Different grades

A compost screener is helping to produce different grades of Yorganics compost.

As demand for our 100% recycled, peat-free, locally-sourced compost increases, we needed to find a way to streamline the composting process.

Previously, the two compost grades we produce, 10mm and 30mm, had to be screened separately, which introduced additional costs to the process in man hours, equipment fuel and servicing.

Rather than purchase a new screener we set about seeing if any of the old equipment stored at our Tancred site, near Catterick, could be utilised.

A machine onsite was identified, updated to the highest standards and installed. The machine boasts an almost silent operation with variable drum speed; and is capable of producing both grades simultaneously when used in conjunction with our existing trommel.

It is expected to screen over 13,000 tonnes of green waste this year. Screening is the final stage in the process to produce Yorganics agricultural and horticultural grades of compost.