SJB Recycling works with farmers and land managers to produce and supply composts that are suitable for use in arable and grassland farming systems.

This provides real benefit to agricultural sustainability and productivity.

We make our compost in open windrows at sites using facilities that meet the appropriate regulations. Furthermore, our composting sites have permits and operate to high environmental standards achieving ISO 14001 and 9001 certification.

We process green waste, where possible, to produce compost to the British Standards Institution PAS100 quality standard. This compost is sold as Yorganics, a 100% recycled, peat-free locally sourced and produced compost. In addition, other compost we produce also makes an effective soil conditioner.

The agricultural benefits of our compost are numerous.

Our composts contain readily available potassium (K) and slower release nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and sulphur (S). Trace elements and micro-nutrients are also supplied in smaller but useful quantities.

Compost organic matter is rich in carbon, which is necessary for soil microbial populations to function. Soil micro-organisms are also necessary to drive nutrient cycles and other essential soil processes.

Compost has a neutralizing value and is about 10% as effective as limestone, tonne for tonne of dry matter.

Further benefits include:

  1. Improved soil structure
  2. Greater water holding capacity and infiltration
  3. Increased cation exchange in lighter soils
  4. Reduced nutrient leaching

The effect of introducing compost into agricultural soils has also been shown to significantly increase crop yields.

You can read more about the agricultural benefits of our compost in this brochure. If you would like to buy our compost, or would like more information, please call us on 0845 300 8889 or email our Customer Services Team. In addition, you can request a callback by filling in the form below.

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